Although all information is available in our official website https://www.workshopmilongasevilla.com/?lang=en, we want to highlight what’s new in the format of next edition.
As main change, two new milongas have been added to the program. On one hand, opening the festival, a wellcome milonga with snack included on thursday afternoon, perfect for making first contacts with participants with whom you are sharing the rest of the days. On the other hand, a farewell milonga on sunday night for those that are staying and want to continue sharing embraces.
Other service that is available is the possibility of adding half or full board to your hotel booking, additional to the traditional booking types already existing (accommodation only, breakfast included).
Finally, we should inform that this year we are controlling in a more exhaustive way that in every milonga there is not an excessive disproportion in the leader/follower role balance.
Thus, in some cases, registration of single followers could be kept in a waiting mode, so the waiting time to receive the confirmation of the registration could be longer for single followers than for couples or single leaders.

9 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival

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