1. For using the advanced booking procedure it is necessary to order a minimun amount of activities; particularly regarding milonga tickets, it is required to order at least, two gala milongas. In case of different needs due to travel arrangements, please inform the organization.
  2. You can fill just one registration form for one person or for a couple (leader/follower). If you register in couple you should make a unique payment for the total registration amount; in case you prefer making separate payments for each person, you should fill one registration form individually for each person.
  3. All the tickets that are booked in the same booking (form), will be grouped and identified by the name of the person that is registering. This person will be the only one that is authorised for picking up all the tickets at the same time at reception desk of WMS. If you and your partner need to pick up the tickets at different times, you should fill one registration form individually for each person.
  4. The registration for classes and seminars (all except individual technique, if available in the programme) should be made with a COUPLE. The organization has no RESPONSIBILITY of finding a partner. We have prepared a special section in the web to help you (Searching partner) and we will try to help you to the extent possible.
  5. You don't need to register with a partner for applying for milonga tickets. However, it is recommended applying for the different milongas with a couple (leader/follower) to receive a more immediate confirmation. The organization will be careful that there isn't a disproportionate imbalance in the amount of leaders and followers, so it's possible some bookings may be kept waiting for confirmation in order to keep this proportions delimited.
  6. If you want to register to milongas with a partner you should both register in the same single registration or you should clearly specify in your first registration the name of your parnter. To specify a partner after you have sent your registration shall not be allowed as a way to get the confirmation answer sooner.
  7. The activities ordered in a registration will be definitely linked to the role (leader/follower) specified during the registration.
  8. The definitive booking of classes and milongas is only guaranteed after the organization have sent you the confirmation answer and the payment have been received. The receipt of payment is necessary for considering the booking as confirmed in a definite way.
  9. Payment method: Bank Transfer. If you need to use a different method, please contact WMS Organization. In any case, the transfer fees or commissions associated with the payment method used shall be assumed by the participant.



To apply for the different activities of the festival, you should fill the registration form below. We will answer registrations exclusively by this method.

Once you have sent us your registration information by filling and sending the form, you will receive an automatic e-mail if the sending had no errors. Please check your e-mail inbox or SPAM folder (specially in hotmail accounts) in case you don't receive this e-mail. In the e-mail you should check that your contact information is correct, so that we can contact you and answer you without problems. If you don't receive the e-mail please write to WMS informing us about this situation. 

After this, you should wait until we answer you personally by e-mail with the confirmation or informing you that your registration is on a waiting list to be confirmed.

Prioritization criteria will be applied in the confirmation of registrations in couple, long stay registrations and registrations that include classes. Confirmation of the reservation requires that the following 2 circumstances be met: availability of places in the requested activities and a balance between the ratio of leaders and followers enrolled in these activities.

At the moment of confirming the reservation, we will send you directly the information for the payment (bank transfer). You should do the payment in a period of 7 days, because your booking will be saved temporarily only during that period. After this period expires, if we haven't received the payment the booking will be automatically cancelled, and in that case you should start again with the registration process, filling again a new registration to apply again for the activities. 

It is important that in the concept of the bank transfer you indicate the name that you have provided in the registration, so that we can match.

Once we have received the payment, we will confirm you definitively the booking, sending you an e-mail confirming the reception of the payment. We recommend that you print this confirmation e-mail to show it if necessary when picking up the tickets during the days of the festival in reception desk of WMS.



    • In a reservation that has not yet been paid, any type of changes are allowed, subject to new confirmation (check of availability and maintenance of ratio leaders / followers).
    • If the reservation has already been paid, changes in activities can be made, always subject to a new confirmation (check of availability and maintenance of ratio leaders / followers). If the viability of the change is confirmed and it implies a lower amount of purchase, in no case the difference in the price will be refunded; if the change implies a greater amount of purchase, the participant must pay the difference of price.
    • The partial refund of activities included in a reservation is not allowed, there is only the possibility of cancelling the full booking, subject to the cancellation policy described below.
    • The registration is linked with the name of the person given during the registration. If you need to change the registration owner, it is the original owner who must request the organization the change, informing about the new owner's name.
    • The registration is definitely linked to the role (leader/follower) specified during the registration, so it is not possible to give away tickets to a different role. If you need to change a person/role in a registration you must request this to the organization and wait for confirmation about the possibility of this change.



  • Until 15 January 2022 (included) – 100% refund – minus bank transfer expenses
  • From 16 January 2022 to 15 February 2022 (included) – 50% refund– minus bank transfer expenses
  • From 16 February 2022, included, no refund
  • In case of having applied for classes that are sold out, the previous statements regarding refundings apply under condition of the place in these classes is occupied by a new participant. If the place can't be occupied by another person, no refund will be applied for these classes.
  • Cancellation requests will be answered exclusively by e-mail; we will consider the dates of reception of the e-mail for applying the statement that fits with the period.
  • Excepcions: 
    • In case of cancellation of the event by the organization due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization will propose a refund of the amount paid or at least the possibility to consume it in the next edition of the festival.
    • In case of not being able to travel due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the country of origin and/or destination, or COVID-19 disease in the days previous to the festival, the organization will propose to the participant choosing between the refund of the corresponding amount according to the cancellation policy or the possibility to consume the reservation amount in the next edition of the festival. In any case, evidence must be presented for the verification of any of these situations. This exception does not include the personal decision of the participant of not attending the event due to the situation of evolution of the pandemic, but only and exclusively the conditions that prevent for legal or health reasons (COVID infection) to attend the event.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Period for advance booking finishes 20 February, included. Definitely confirmation of the booking necessarily requires receiving the payment in advance (or sending the pertinent bank receipt proving the deposit or bank transfer) by the deadline (last day 21 February).

Advance bookings that haven't been confirmed in the referred period will be cancelled and the only way to buy tickets will be directly at reception desk of festival in Silken Al-Andalus Palace Hotel, according to ticket office prices.