8WMS committed to quality through high investments

We are pleased to announce that Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival, in its 8th edition, has committed itself to making major investments to improve the infraestructure and offering in this way a better quality service.

For the first time we will have this year a wooden dance floor in thursday, friday and saturday night milongas. Millan Diseño & Madera has been entrusted with this task. We are also offering a better material for the floor in milonga “TANGO BOAT TRIP ALONG GUADALQUIVIR RIVER” on Sunday evening. Finally, we will benefit from a substantial improvement in light and sound systems.

We are grateful for the great interest and high level of participation of all milongueros in this edition, so high that we are reaching for the first time the capacity limits. Thanks to you, this great event will take place in few days in Seville. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

8 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival

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