Role control at ticket office

The early booking period has ended. At the ticket office milonga tickets can be purchased, but we will continue with the control of enough balance between leaders and followers, allowing the sale of tickets for followers role, insofar as leader role tickets are also sold. Therefore we can not guarantee in all cases the possibility of getting tickets for single followers, and always recommend attending with a partner. 10 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival


WHAT’S NEW IN 9WMS 2018 Although all information is available in our official website, we want to highlight what’s new in the format of next edition. As main change, two new milongas have been added to the program. On one hand, opening the festival, a wellcome milonga with snack included on thursday afternoon, perfect for making first contacts with participants with whom you are sharing the rest of the days. On the other hand, a farewell milonga on sunday night for those that are staying and want to continue sharing embraces. Other service that is available is the possibility of adding half or full board to your hotel booking, additional to the traditional booking types already existing (accommodation only, breakfast included). Finally, we should inform that this year we are controlling in a more exhaustive way that in every milonga there is not an excessive disproportion in the leader/follower role balance. Thus, in some cases registration of single followers could be kept in a waiting mode, so the waiting time to receive the confirmation of the registration could be longer for single followers than that for couples or single leaders. Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival » Festival de Tango […]


Participants coming from all these cities and countries have organised their travel and are already registered. You can take a look at the full updated map through this link:… Special prices in hotel accommodation at festival venue are available just until 31 Dec. Also, tickets of main milongas were sold out last year. Hurry up, register soon, so you can save your place! 9 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival


LUCILA CIONCI AND JOE CORBATA Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo “Joe” Corbata have an integral formation in dance, teaching and choreographic direction. In 2007 they founded, “Formula Tango”, a common project through the union of years of individual experience in shows and festivals. They are internationally renowned thanks to their participation in important tango shows and numerous major Tango Festivals around the world: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Holand, Slovenia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Canada, United States, Argentina… Places where “Joe” and Lucila showed an original philosophy of teaching getting excellent response from students at all levels. They participated in the most important dinner-shows in Buenos Aires such us “Piazzola Tango” + “El Viejo Almacen” + “Madero Tango” + “Taconeando”. Also International famous shows: “Tango Vivo” and “Nuit Blanche” by the Union Tanguera Company, “Corazon a Corazon” by the Company Zaraza Tango and ” Otango” by Otango Ultimate Show. They were also invited to run the show Four Seasons for Art-en-Ciel, Lausanne, Switzerland 2011. Lucila & “Joe” directed the show “Glosario Tanguero” at the one of the biggest festivals called Tarbes in Tango, France in 2013. Among the individual experiences: the participation of […]

Juan Martín Carrara & Stefania Colina – 9 Workshop Milonga Sevilla 2018

Tango Salón dancers and Choreoraphers.  They won the 2009 Intercontinental Tango Salón Championship and Uruguayan Tango Salón Championship in 2012. Young, extremely talented and diligent, they dance with an immense respect for the tradition and the music, and yet keep working on new forms of expression and their own development in the salon and on the stage. Being extremely popular teachers in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and the entire world, their classes allow one to hear and feel what is most intangible in tango. Their exquisite musicality, charm and sensibility have won them many hearts in all over the globe. Dance, It is not a sport or a business, is an ART. Is not knowing the best steps, is knowing how to use WHAT YOU HAVE. Is not being the first and last place in competition, is to be HAPPY with what you do daily. Is not to impress, is to EXPRESS. CV Juan Martin Carrara started his dancing career when he was 13 years old as a ballet and contemporary dancer and an actor of musical comedy. At the age of 16 he entered in the Nacional Academy of Dance of Uruguay and was selected for the “Young Ballet”, touring […]

Jonthan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón – 9 Workshop Milonga Sevilla 2018

Clarissa and Johnathan are 21 years old, they both come from the province of Cordoba and pursue a common aim: to make of their lives their Tango… to live it, take it with them and transmite, everywhere they go, traditional tango and, above all, what makes them tremble and comes in the depths of their souls when they dance. This life choice that is in their passion led them to show their art both in shows and competitions, also to take and teach classes in order to evolve professionally and to infect others to encourage them to experiment what they feel with this tango dancing that is so especial, peculiar and appreciated around the world.   Their first steps as a professional couple were given in their home province, Cordoba, where they had unconditional support from their beginnings to the successive stages which they would then encounter in their artistic future.   With great effort, absolute dedication, hard work and a lot of study, these young talented dancers managed to bring out the best of each other, uniting themselves in an embrace and creating a unique and sincere style.   Eventually, they took part in several local competitions, which they […]

Artists of 9 Workshop Milonga Sevilla TF 2018

We are proud to present the definite team of artists that are participating in 9th edition of Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival; we will benefit from great tango maestros that have a personal seal in their styles, not only in their dancing but also in the different teaching approachs that they will offer us in the classes. We will also enjoy 4 Tango DJs that will delight us with their best tandas. Artists 9WMS 2018: Dancers Lucila Cionci & Rodrigo “Joe” Corbata Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón Juan Martín Carrara & Stefanía Colina Tdjs Analía “La Rubia” Paulo Bernardo Enrique Berraquero Gastón Godoy All information about classes schedules, prices and registration very soon. 9 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival

Living the classes atmosphere

Many women are willing to participate in the classes during the festival and are searching for a dance partner. Men, you are wellcome to join in and share this other face of the festival. In addition to learn and improve your dancing, you will meet new people, share moments and enrich in this way the experience lived in the festival. You can check the list of people interested here: 8 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival

8WMS committed to quality through high investments

We are pleased to announce that Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival, in its 8th edition, has committed itself to making major investments to improve the infraestructure and offering in this way a better quality service. For the first time we will have this year a wooden dance floor in thursday, friday and saturday night milongas. Millan Diseño & Madera has been entrusted with this task. We are also offering a better material for the floor in milonga “TANGO BOAT TRIP ALONG GUADALQUIVIR RIVER” on Sunday evening. Finally, we will benefit from a substantial improvement in light and sound systems. We are grateful for the great interest and high level of participation of all milongueros in this edition, so high that we are reaching for the first time the capacity limits. Thanks to you, this great event will take place in few days in Seville. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. 8 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival

Limited capacity warning

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We remind you that to take sure you have a place in classes and/or milongas, it’s necessary to register in advance and receiving confirmation from organization of a definite reservation. Tickets will be sold at festival ticket office but only until filled to capacity. Once tickets are sold out, access will not be granted in any case. Thank you. 8 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival