Gastón Godoy has more than 15 years of experience as Tango DJ, first digitally with computer and currently with vinyl records.

As regular activity, he is organizer and DJ of El Corazón de la Milonga Sevilla, milonga that exists since more than 20 years, being one of the oldest milongas in Seville and Andalusia. In this milonga Gaston is commited to offer always the best quality and to preserve the essence of tango in ist purest form.

He has been DJ, playing tango music with computer, for more than 15 years, taking part in festivals and tango meetings in Spain and other cities in Europe, the main ones being:

Gastón Godoy - Vinyl DJ

In 2019, he set himself the difficult challenge of musicalizing the next appointment of his regular milonga in Seville with vinyl records, just one month before the event. That was the beginning of an intense trajectory of musicalization with vinyl records, during which he has been invited to musicalize with his vinyls at events and festivals in Spain and Europe such as 19º Maraencuentro Tango Marathon with Love (Basel, Switzerland, 2021), Al Tango Festival (Faro, Portugal, 2020), Tango Lisboa Weekend (Lisbon, Portugal, 2019), El Rey del Bosque Tango Marathon (Tours, France, 2019), Milongueros All Aboard (Porto, Portugal, 2019) .

During the harsh periods of confinement due to the pandemic throughout 2020, the forced stop in any kind of tango activity inspired him to dedicate himself to an initiative that he called Radio Tango Vinilo, consisting of live broadcasts of tango music sessions with vinyl records through the internet and live interviews with tango DJs, getting a multitude of loyal followers. Finally, in October 2021, this initiative culminated with the celebration of the first face-to-face event in Seville consisting of a tango meeting with 100% vinyl music, "Radio Tango Vinilo-El Encuentro" in which he was pleased to participate not only as organizer but also, as he should be, as vinyl DJ together with other invited DJs.