End of early registration


Period for early registration finished on 24th of February. From now on, you should buy your tickets directly at festival reception desk (subject to availability).

At the ticket office we will also continue with the control of enough balance between leaders and followers, allowing the sale of tickets for followers role, insofar as leader role tickets are also sold. Therefore we can not guarantee in all cases the possibility of getting tickets for single followers, and always recommend attending with a partner.



 If you registered within time frame, you should know that confirmation of the booking necessarily requires receiving the payment in advance (or sending the pertinent bank receipt proving the deposit or bank transfer) by the deadline (last day 25th February).

From this date, advance bookings that haven't been confirmed will be cancelled and the only way to buy tickets will be directly at reception desk of festival in Silken Al-Andalus Palace Sevilla Hotel, according to ticket office prices, if there is still place and there are no problems with role balance.


    • In a reservation that has not yet been paid, any type of changes are allowed, subject to new confirmation (check of availability and maintenance of ratio leaders / followers).
    • If the reservation has already been paid, changes in activities can be made, always subject to a new confirmation (check of availability and maintenance of ratio leaders / followers). If the viability of the change is confirmed and it implies a lower amount of purchase, in no case the difference in the price will be refunded; if the change implies a greater amount of purchase, the participant must pay the difference of price.
    • The partial refund of activities included in a reservation is not allowed, there is only the possibility of cancelling the full booking, subject to the cancellation policy described below.



  • Until 15 January 2019 (included) – 100% refund – minus bank transfer expenses
  • From 16 January 2019 to 15 February 2019 (included) – 50% refund– minus bank transfer expenses
  • From 16 February 2019, included, no refund
  • In case of having applied for classes that are sold out, the previous statements regarding refundings apply under condition of the place in these classes is occupied by a new participant. If the place can't be occupied by another person, no refund will be applied for these classes.
  • Cancellation requests will be answered exclusively by e-mail; we will consider the dates of reception of the e-mail for applying the statement that fits with the period.