For reasons beyond the control of WMS organization, TDj Marta Silvestre will not be able to attend the festival in its 10th edition. This is the reason why we have invited instead TDj Elisabetta Piro, coming from Palermo, who will be djing SATURDAY DAILY and SUNDAY FAREWELL milongas. TDJ ELISABETTA PIRO began her career as a DJ in Palermo (Italy). She has been one of the most regularly invited DJs to events in Europe and Argentina. In general, her tandas are based on the traditional songs and orchestras of the Golden Age of Tango. FESTIVALS and MARATHONS: – Amor Tango Festival (Rosario, Argentina) – TangoRoots (Paris, France) – Nice Tango Festival (Nice, France) – Barcelona Tango Meeting (Barcelona, Spain) – “Che” London Tango Festival (London, England) – Benidorm Tango Festival (Benidorm, Spain) – Encuentro Porteño Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Nederlands) – Amsterdam Tango Marathon (Amsterdam, Nederlands) – Tango Dream Tango Marathon (Paris, France) – Bendito Tango Marathon (Munich, Germany) – La Lanterna Tango Marathon (Genova, Italy) – Cosenza Tango Festival (Cosenza, Italy) – Trani Tango Festival (Trani, Italy) – Alghero Tango Festival (Alghero, Italy) – Pietragrande Tango Marathon (Catanzaro, Italy) – Cannoli Ospitanti Tango Marathon (Palermo, Italy) – Palermo Tango Fest (Palermo, […]

Participants from 14 different countries already registered!

Still almost three months to go, and registrations are coming in everyday at a great rhythm. Participants from 14 different countries are already registered. You can check the cities of origin HERE. If you want to save your place, don’t relax too much and register soon! DO YOU WANT TO BE IN? REGISTER NOW! 10 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival  

Start to book – 10WMS 2019

From today, 24th September, registation to 10th edition of Seville Tango Festival, Workshop Milonga Sevilla, is open. You have all the information about the on-line registration procedure in the following link. Additionally, WMS strongly recommends you that you book your room in Silken Al Andalus Palace Seville Hotel, official venue of the festival, as soon as possible, because the reduced prices that are published today for festival participants will be increasing over time. You have all the information about the hotel booking procedure in the following link. If you book the hotel following the procedure described in the previous link, you will not have to pay in advance and the booking has no modification/cancellation fees. Start organising your journey and book your place! 10 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival
Feb 19


We remind you that this year PREFESTIVAL MILONGA on Wednesday night is taking place at Silken Al-Andalus Palace Hotel, the official venue of the festival. It will not be held in Sala Holiday as in the two previous editions. We are offering the same fabulous wooden dance floor as in the milongas of the festival, maintaining the same price. A small milonga on the eve of the festival, the perfect opportunity for tangueros of Seville to have their first contact with the festival and share with the newcomers to the city the first hugs. We wait for you! 9 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival
Feb 16


If there are participants coming from other cities that have transport and accommodation reservations but did not sign up early to the festival activities, please contact the organization as soon as possible writing to (only by e-mail). Thank you. 9 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival  
Feb 12

Don’t have acommodation yet?

If you are organizing your trip at the last minute and you still do not have accommodation, contact the organization, since sometimes cancellations of participants take place and in these cases their hotel bookings with discounted prices could be used. Ask us for availability. 9 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival
Jan 28

Organise your trip NOW!

There are high hotel occupancy rates in Seville in the festival dates, therefore it is recommended to organize the trip as soon as possible, to ensure and get better prices both in accommodation and transport. Ask us if you need help to find accommodation adapted to your needs, and know the available options. 9 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival
Jan 06


In this 9th edition of Workshop Milonga Sevilla there will be a new activity called “CAFE MILONGA, YOUR MEETING POINT”, a place where meeting new tango friends. These meetings will be held in Silken Al-Andalus Palace Hotel (official venue of the Tango Festival), on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 February 2018 from 16:00 to 18:30. 9 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival
Jan 05


We ask people that have a hotel booking with special prices (prior to 1st Jan) and that are not finally coming to the festival, that DON’T make a request to the hotel for the cancellation of the booking. Instead, please inform organization about this, so that the booking can be asigned to other person who can benefit from the discount in the price. Thank you. 9 WMS – Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival


WHAT’S NEW IN 9WMS 2018 Although all information is available in our official website, we want to highlight what’s new in the format of next edition. As main change, two new milongas have been added to the program. On one hand, opening the festival, a wellcome milonga with snack included on thursday afternoon, perfect for making first contacts with participants with whom you are sharing the rest of the days. On the other hand, a farewell milonga on sunday night for those that are staying and want to continue sharing embraces. Other service that is available is the possibility of adding half or full board to your hotel booking, additional to the traditional booking types already existing (accommodation only, breakfast included). Finally, we should inform that this year we are controlling in a more exhaustive way that in every milonga there is not an excessive disproportion in the leader/follower role balance. Thus, in some cases registration of single followers could be kept in a waiting mode, so the waiting time to receive the confirmation of the registration could be longer for single followers than that for couples or single leaders. Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival » Festival de Tango […]